Here's the Best Way You Can Learn a New Language

Kids who grow up in bilingual households are lucky. When you're young, learning a second or even third language is easy—your brain is still taking shape, neurons are still forging new connections, and you're constantly surrounded by supportive parents.

Things become a bit trickier later down the line, however, when the thought of learning an entirely new language from scratch is on par with wrestling with the idea of infinity, or unpacking one of Feynman's physics lectures. Thankfully, there are courses like uTalk Language Education to make learning a new language easy, and now you can get a lifetime subscription starting at just $9.99—over 65% off its regular cost.

It’s no coincidence that uTalk is one of the most respected and renowned language education platforms around. Instead of forcing you to memorize boring and ultimately unhelpful dialogue, the uTalk method walks you through entertaining, practical, and easy-to-understand exercises.

Regardless of what language you want to learn, this comprehensive program will teach you how to speak like a native—ensuring that everything from your basic vocabulary, sentence structure, and even accent is on point.

You can choose from over 130 languages to learn from any device, any time you want, and you’ll be able to measure and gauge your progress as you work. You’ll even be able to verify and reinforce your learning by playing games, and learn from native voice artists.

If you're only interested in a single language, you can sign up for just $9.99 ($10 off). If you want to dive into six languages, a lifetime subscription is available for just $19.99 ($10 off). And if you want to become the ultimate world-traveler and let your friends and family in on the fun as well, you can grab a bundle of 22 languages for just $59.99.

Learning a new language doesn't have to be a chore. A lifetime subscription to uTalk Language Education will get you speaking like a native starting at just $9.99.

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