This Artist Uses Recycled Silverware and Scrap Metal to Create Beautiful Sculptures

Artists can take inspiration from just about anywhere. As the creative, veteran journalist Bill Moyers stated, "Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous." One might look at a bunch of forks and knives and see just your daily utensils, however, South Carolina based upcycling artist Matt Wilson sees something entirely different.

Artist, Matt Wilson takes driftwood, silverware, scrap metal and other random materials to create life-like sculptures; art that transcends the "junk" that he uses.

Transformative Creativity

Matt's work is a direct reflection of his environment as well as his environmental centric attitude. With the materials he finds, he aims to give the materials that he is working with a new life.

The resident artist explained his vision stating, “The upcycled work I create is a testimony to the belief of conserving and appreciating our resources.” He continues by saying, "Using organic and recycled materials - bone, driftwood, scrap metal, etc., my sculptures depict continuous life cycles that consciously and unconsciously permeate our awareness."

It almost seems like there is nothing Wilson cannot create with his materials. Though a majority of his work has brought to life elegant bird inspired sculptures, the occasional samurai, fish, and other forms of wildlife do appear in his sculptural work. Some of his other sculptures include metal insects, lobsters, fish, and octopi.

Some of the birds that he has depicted include traditional woodland robins, owls, blackbirds, robins, blue jays as well as fierce birds of prey like eagles.

The process of creating these sculptures is not easy. On top of the immaculate craftsmanship, Matt Wilson spends a lot of time collecting and finding the right materials for his ideas.

Wilson breaks down his goal by stating, "My goal as an artist is to make artwork, unlike art people have seen, while at the same time recognizable in the identity of everyday materials. I only hope the sculptures will inspire others to appreciate the simple, neglected items from which my creations are born."

Matt takes the skills he has and hopes to build on them to create more work.

What is Upcycling?

For the uninitiated, upcycling, also known as the process of creative reuse, is the process transforming waste materials, useless or unwanted products into new materials, art, or sculptures.

What do you think of Matt Wilson's work? If you want to see more of it, be sure to stop by his Instagram here.

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